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I love the quality of the silicon blocks. No factory odor nor unpleasant smell. Very suitable for babies. One of Jameson baby co's staff also reached out and sent me an email regarding the tracking information of my order. Thank you for going the extra mile. Friendly and thoughtful customer service. Really satisfied with the really gorgeous diaper bag as well as this blocks. They were sent and arrived separately but definitely in a timely manner that I am quite happy with. Overall excellent shopping experience, this block can definitely be used even until my son is in kindergarten to learn math.


Such great item and service by Jameson Baby Co! Quality soft material without smell. Great pastel color look. The package is packed in a bag of puffy. 12 cups figures from 0-9 + =. Each face is a relief pattern. The cubes also can be used as squeaker. They're gorgeous. My baby is been 9 months old and he kept using it as teether and observing the cubes attentively (so darn cute) Easily cleaned sterilized . by easy washing or in hot water.Absolutely a great purchase that my husband and I highly recommed from Jameson!

Excellent best value for money

Excellent Quality and came faster than expected! My son absolutely loved it we learn colors, shapes, stacking and can learn so much more. He can definitely learn addition etc as he grew older. This is an awesome toy best value for money.

She loves it and start learning stacking which makes me so happy!

Very cool cubes, a year to play child she love it! squeezing and actually starting to stack on her own now which is amazingg. I have previously bought 3 things from Jameson and all have been fantastic. So thank and keep it up! Definitely recommended


Wonderful! Very soft, love the colors, amazing product that is very educational. Such great quality and the baby loves it which is most important! Bath time became so much fun now haha

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Sooooo glad we bought this. Safe and convenient, buying more for another bedroom.

Finally! We bought 3 sides of the fences and YAY! no longer have to worry and now i can safely leave the baby on the bed and do my own business! (except when he held me hostage on the bed and cries like a madman when I try to escape lolll) The bed fences is REALLY convenient that it can be lowered down like a vertical rolling door. Very practical indeed. There is a bit of a rustle noise on the sides when lowering and raising the bar but it is minor and my son is sound asleep even as I lower the fence. hes jumping around excited while holding shaking the fence, but it is quite sturdy and no problem at all since it is installed properly and bolted on the frame too. I recommend a combination of at least 2 fences or 3 for an even more sturdy setup. Definitely Recommended and will buy another set for his future bedroom. Helpful and excellent customer service by the Jameson baby rep named Lisa as well. Keep up the good work!

Very satisfied. The best thing we ever bought for our kids, to keep them safe

My sister bought 3 sets too and she kept raving about it too lol. Having a 2 year old and an 5 month old, this certainly makes my MOM life sooooooo much easier! Sigh, I definitely regret not buying this much earlier. Should've bought them before the kids were born. Easily assembled, sturdy and very secure. I now have all the time I need to do mommy stuffs and need not check on them every minute!! Being able to sleep with my kids on the same bed safely is just about the best thing that I can ask for. I would recommend this to anyone for sure. I previously have bought several items from this store and they never disappoint. Excellent products and services. Thanks Jameson!

very recommended no hassle in n out. no more worrying about my daughter falling head first

Quick to arrive and rather quickly assembled. I like everything. There are instructions with pictures and most importantly the fences are superb that my daughter is now safe from falling head first. Wished we have bought this earlier. My husband and I think it is absolutely worth every penny. I mean cribs are more expensive and it is small. With this I can spend so much more time playing with my little girl. Hubby absolutely loves that he can sleep and play on the same bed safely with her. That is just priceless

A lifesaver, can finally damn sleep. we highly recommend it

Not gonna lie, my son fell already once before we bought this and thankfully didn't hit his head and only the left shoulder. But we have to rush him to the doctor because he kept crying nonstop for an hour. Though not severe and he ended up with a pretty bad bruise but the doctor warned us to be more careful as a hit on the head for a 4 month old can be really2 bad.. So yeah I instantly searched and bought this. I already bought the diaper bag from Jameson before for my wife and loved the quality and thoughtfulness of their customer rep. The fences are no different and for sure great products and a lifesaver for us really. We should have bought this long ago before my 1st son is even born. This is about the best thing a new parent can have in our opinion. We highly recommend it.

Strong and safe. Must have for parents with a 6 months old "ROLLING" champion haha

The sides are just excellent. Now my son is a champion I repeat CHAMPION ROLLER, if there is an olympic for rolling he would absolutely win gold medal.... LOLThe sides are strong, my child definitely will not fall off the bed now. I regret that i did not order earlier.